BOOK REVIEW | Flashes of Vice: Vol II by Vincent de Paul

Book: Flashes of Vice: Vol II

Author: Vincent de Paul

Genre: Flash Fiction

ISBN 13: 978-1503277717

ISBN 10: 1503277712

Publisher: Mystery Publishers (K) LTD

Language: English

Reviewer: Nancy Oyula

The book is nothing short of magnificent. It’s astounding. The author has written exceptionally juicy tales, which are remarkable in more than one way. Oh! and the suspense is still on. Just like Vol I, one feels the author has denied them their right to enjoy a few more words, when a story comes to an end. Each story leaves one salivating for more.This is the third book I’ve read by the author, and trust me, whatever he pens down always comes out terrifically excellent. I like his use of literary stylistic devices, and the simplicity when putting words together. This is a nice weekend read for anyone who enjoys brief and juicy tales.

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