BOOK REVIEW | Holy Crimes by Elove Poetry & Vincent de Paul

poemBOOK: Holy Crimes – A Collection Of Love Poems

AUTHOR: Elove Poetry & Vincent De Paul

REVIEWER: Nancy Oyula

GENRE: Poetry

ISBN 10: 1500583456

ISBN 13: 978-1500583453


PUBLISHER: Mystery Publishers (K) LTD


A little poetry never hurts. Actually, we all need poetry in our existence. Poetry is life. Calm and well organized words, intimate, passionate and love -filled phrases. Sweet-sounding stanzas, a perfect narration with a mellow and melodious rhyming style. That is how I’ll describe this piece of literature. The book has well crafted verses, and should be accompanied by a glass of wine or cup of coffee when reading, for the book is nothing but evocative. A four out of five stars from me🙂.

Read full review at: LightenUp (Nancy Oyula Blog)


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