PRE-RELEASE BOOK REVIEW | Thrills and Chills by Boniface Sagini

thrills and chills front coverBOOK: Thrills & Chills
AUTHOR: Boniface Sagini
REVIEWER: Nancy Oyula
GENRE: Non Fiction
ISBN 10: 1540529177
ISBN 13: 978-1540529176
FIRST PUBLISHED: Release Date 13th December, 2016
PUBLISHER: Mystery Publishers (K) LTD

Boniface Sagini shares his story during his formative years. Born in Kisii, a county in western Kenya, he was a bright kid. He started his primary school education at age four, that is not a common thing. He was a sharp student. With the encouragement from teachers and his academic excellence, the future seemed bright and full of hope. Unfortunate for him, it wasn’t smooth all through. Life doesn’t always come out as planned.

He started writing while in high school. He kept a memoir. The author talks about life from different angles. He shares his life’s experiences. The good side he’s enjoyed, the bad and ugly, and sad memories. He explains the different perspectives one can view the world from. He tells of his lowest moments, and highlights of his life. Encouraging.

Read full review at Nancy Oyula’s blog, LightenUp.

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