Review: ‘Flashes of Vice: Vol III’ by Vincent de Paul

Nduka Ekeh's Blog

Flashes of Vice (Volume III) is a collection of 44 creatively strewn short stories or flash fiction. What is remarkable about this collection is that it isn’t just a potpourri of stale stories duplicated in numbers just to make a voluminous collection. Far from it. This particular collection is one that will have any reader spellbound by its intrigues and no-hold-bare-it-all prosaic aloofness. The author Vincent de Paul is not a neophyte in the literary-dom, he’s a seasoned and well profiled Kenyan writer who knows his ink just like a chef to his onions. This collection is the third in his series of vivid flash fiction stories.

The collection premiers with the opener ‘quote-story’ titled 72 Virgins which is sort of a preview to subsequent stories of similar theme and scope.  Virgins in Short Supply is an epistolary story from Allah writing to Terrorists who go on suicide bombing…

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