Welcome all to Mystery Books, the home of e-publications for entertainment.

Anyone who owns a computer can and knows their way around the web can publish their works, but not everyone has a computer or the time. That’s where Mystery Books comes in.

Mystery Books is an Imprint of Mystery Publishers, a Kenyan Indie Publishing author-focused company offering e-publishing services of genre/pop literature works to authors who want to exploit the eBook market for their works.

Digital/eBook Publishing

Mystery Books offers digital publishing services to self-publishing authors through the Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. The eBooks are distributed worldwide on Kindle, Blurb, and other online eBook retailers.

The following are the genres that Mystery Books publish:

Fiction (novels, short stories, flash fiction) – Crime, romance, general fiction, etc

Erotica – novels, short stories, flash erotica, sex guides, etc

Poetry – love, erotic, general poetry (avant-garde poets)

Our Mission:

  • To entertain readers and book lovers through novels, poetry and short stories on the go on their mobile devices
  • To publish works that readers can really identify with
  • To introduce eBooks to the digital-savvy people
  • To publish the thrillingest stories around for entertainment as opposed to the traditional themes of war, colonialism, African suffering, etc that has dominated African writing
  • To network with other publishers to support digital books
  • To create opportunities for the New Age African writers to showcase their work

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