BOOK REVIEW | The Optimist’s Creed by Gideon Mutai

The Optimist Creed (Mutai)(Coversfront)BOOK: The Optimist’s Creed: How to Make the Most of opportunities by your Hopeful Outlook to Life
AUTHOR: Gideon Mutai
Reviewer: Nancy Oyula
Genre: Non-Fiction
ISBN-13: 978-1517007522
ISBN-10: 1517007526
PUBLISHER: Mystery Publishers via the CreateSpaceIndependent Publishing platform (Print-on-Demand)

Written in an insightful manner, “The Optimist’s Creed” is a book full of nothing but prudence. There is so much logic and enlightenment in the text. The author’s style of putting out points is artful and well expressed.

This book is distinct and excellent in more than one way. One thing that stood out for me in the book is the author’s use of stories. In every chapter, as you read on, you are guaranteed a story. This makes the book even more appealing to look at. I’ve always loved stories, and I love that the author used short stories when expounding his sentiments.  You can never stop once you start reading this book. There’s always that urge of moving to the next chapter. In addition to his writing, the author adds quotes by prominent people in history to complement the various points he talks of. He also gives examples from verses in the bible and adds ancient proverbs from different parts of the world. That’s an A1. This style of writing is splendid.

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BOOK REVIEW | Holy Crimes by Elove Poetry & Vincent de Paul

poemReviewer: Tabitha Makumi
Book: Holy Crimes – A Collection of Love Poetry
Author: Elove Poetry & Vincent de Paul
Genre: Poetry
ISBN 10: 1500583456
ISBN 13: 978-1500583453
PUBLISHER: Mystery Publishers (K) LTD

Vincent de Paul is a Kenyan poet with a whole load of poems under his belt (people still say that, right?) The book comes with a catchy title of “Holy Crimes”. My first reaction when he told me to look at this collection was… “Dude, what are you trying to do to me!” “Not again… dad, is that you trying to convince me to read anything I can get my hands on?”

I know! I am getting to the point in a jiffy. If I have to choose a favourite among the 66 collection of poems, it will have to be“Self Employed”. In today’s society, we embrace the entrepreneurs. They are on your daily newspaper; they are on the cover of that glossy magazine in a supermarket rack. You know you want to buy it but the price makes you pull your hand back as though you’ve touched a hot pan. Chasing paper, building your own empire…what’s not to like about such stories?Then there are the untold stories. Tales that give a dark meaning to the word “self – employed”

“Everyone calls me the black sheep of the society
I never stand un-accused in the court of piety
My name is Mira, they just call me Lulu
Say I am Physically repulsive, morally reprehensible
I’d just turned thirteen when I moved to sin city
Childhood was over, adulthood just began.”

See that, so much happening in those few words. No fooling around with 667 words (which I am currently on) and no pussyfooting with meaningless adjectives.

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BOOK REVIEW | Holy Crimes by Elove Poetry & Vincent de Paul

poemBOOK: Holy Crimes – A Collection Of Love Poems

AUTHOR: Elove Poetry & Vincent De Paul

REVIEWER: Nancy Oyula

GENRE: Poetry

ISBN 10: 1500583456

ISBN 13: 978-1500583453


PUBLISHER: Mystery Publishers (K) LTD


A little poetry never hurts. Actually, we all need poetry in our existence. Poetry is life. Calm and well organized words, intimate, passionate and love -filled phrases. Sweet-sounding stanzas, a perfect narration with a mellow and melodious rhyming style. That is how I’ll describe this piece of literature. The book has well crafted verses, and should be accompanied by a glass of wine or cup of coffee when reading, for the book is nothing but evocative. A four out of five stars from me🙂.

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