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Mystery Books is an Indie e-Publishing author-focused company, an Imprint of Mystery Publishers, offering e-publishing services to individual writers and authors who want to exploit the eBook market for their works either traditionally or the self-publishing way.

Books that Mystery Books Publish

Fiction (novels, short stories, flash fiction) – Crime, romance, general fiction, etc

Erotica – novels, short stories, flash erotica, sex guides, etc

Poetry – love, erotic, general poetry (avant-garde poets)

Our services include:

Online Self-Publishing

Manuscript Editing

Publishing Packages

eBook Publishing

Traditional digital only – FREE


Author gets 70% loyalty from the sales (more details in the publishing contract) $100 USD (The rest of the world)

Ksh.10,000 (Kenyans)

One-on-One Author Support One-on-One Author Support
Non-exclusive contract Non-exclusive contract
Customised full-colour cover Customised full-colour cover
Customised interior design Customised interior design
ISBN/ASIN Assignment ISBN/ASIN and Barcode Assignment
Digital formatting (epub, Mobi, pdf) Digital formatting (epub, Mobi, pdf)
Image Insertion Image Insertion
Full Royalties Full Royalties
Electronic proof Electronic proof
Worldwide online distribution (Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc) Worldwide online distribution (Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc)
Personalized blurb Personalized blurb
Editing/copyediting Editing/Copyediting